Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman

Founded in 1899 this company based its early philosophy on creating a hand-made garment, “off the rack” with the quality and refinements of custom made. Today while much as changed, they’re focus is still to produce a high quality, uncompromising garment in Americana luxury and style for their discerning clientele.

While the colorful history of dressing presidents, movie stars and the wealthiest Americans is well documented our story will focus on what they’re doing for those fortunate few today. It’s YOU who our pride and craftsmanship is meant for.

With the constant evolution of engineering, Hickey Freeman has adopted new and innovative measures to create what we consider, the best value in American made clothing today. The consistency from season to season is measured in the smallest of tolerances hence producing the same fit and feel. If you’re garments are “Custom-Made” those specific measurements and tendencies are stored for future considerations. If something about you changes over time, a few simple measurement adjustments that are stored, will produce for you the same well-fitting and great looking garment you’ve come to expect and Hickey Freeman strives to exceed those expectations every time.

They recently introduced “The Guardian Pocket” which is a pocket designed to prevent cyber-pickpocketing. You can place your phone, credit cards and passport in it and the “Crooks” who have figured out how to gain access to your personal information from your phone and steal your identity cannot gain access. (Phone cloning) Sounds crazy, but is it?

Fabric innovations are just as important and those in manufacturing and Hickey Freeman is second to none in the breath of innovative fabric styles and qualities they offer.  Super 150’S, Super 180”s, 15 Micron yarns (a human hair is approx. 60 microns) that are woven into the most luxurious cloths, some water and stain resistant fabrics, Cashmere (where the yarns are harvested in Mongolia), Mohair, Silk, Linen and many more sourced from the world’s finest mills in Biella, Italy, England, China (for the finest and rarest silks) and South Africa (for The best Mohair).  Now, in collaboration with Loro Piana Italy, they are able to offer Vicuna again, which has been on the endangered species list thus making it illegal to use in cloth production. Loro Piana is successfully raising the Vicuna goat in controlled farms in Peru, under the Peruvian governments close scrutiny and the animal population is once again flourishing. Now sheering the Vicuna fleece is being allowed for fabric weaving and garment production. It’s rare; it’s expensive but most importantly, its back!!

We’re very proud of our family’s service to the Hickey Freeman Company over the last 63 years. Dad (OMERO) came to the U.S.A. in 1954 to work there, Mom started in 1960 my brother Angelo worked there from 1974 to 1984, yours truly from 1976 to 1987 (and have sold the product from 1990 to today) and Matt worked a few summers there during college and has been selling it since 2006 with me.

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