Fashion Week 2014

Thursday night's runway was our debut for fall fashions at the 2014 Rochester Fashion Week. Omeros Clothes annually supports The Center for Youth as they create these nights of community-focused fashion for our local enjoyment, while providing future support for their commitments to Rochester youth. This year, six nights and six venues grabbed attention toward this anticipated event.


Omeros too has a focus on six - - cutting-edge fabrics; world renowned designers; hand-tailoring; stylish wardrobes; image; investment. These six are more than a week's experience; they are a way of life for the male clothiers, Walter and Matthew Piccone.


Omeros Clothes' chosen models strutted the runway in the Merkel Donahue Building, enveloped in new fall 2014 fabrics and style. Selected pieces included suits, jackets, topcoats and sportswear with splashes of color and patterns. Walter's grandson modeled in his second Fashion Week appearance, adorned in a sport coat, trousers, tie and pocket square. As always, Walter and Matthew ensured the models could reflect well on their night of dressing passionately.

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