• Fashion Week 2015

    Fashion Week 2015

    Omero's Clothes made sure the audience was "stayin alive" at Fashion Week's Night Fever. Feverishly, Omero's presented cutting-edge fabrics, world…

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  • Fashion Week 2014

    Fashion Week 2014

    Thursday night's runway was our debut for fall fashions at the 2014 Rochester Fashion Week. Omero's Clothes annually supports The…

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  • Fashion Week 2013

    Fashion Week 2013

    Rochester's Fashion Week is committed to the support of The Center for Youth and annually fosters the collaboration among local…

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  • Custom Men’s Suits

    Custom Men’s Suits

    The custom suit is the heart and soul of any man's wardrobe. Suit selection and design goes a long way…

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  • Custom Women’s Suits

    Custom Women’s Suits

    Omero's has done it again, as Rochester's premier custom clothier we have expanded our line to include custom women's suits. …

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  • Custom Shirts

    Custom Shirts

    Second only to the suit, the shirt will make or break an ensemble. With exclusive brands, fabrics and designs, Omero's…

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  • Shoes


    While a nice pair of black shoes is a must, men's shoe fashion has been gradually allowing for a more…

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  • Accessories


    From socks and ties to cuff links and belts, accessories are where you can add some truly unique style to…

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