Traveler Rain System Wool

Traveler Rain System Wool

In the continuing evolution of fabrics for tailored clothing the great mills of Italy have realized success with the "Rain/Storm" system wools now being developed.

Originally sourced by Loro Piana in Biella, Italy these all natural wool yarns are being woven in such a way so to repel not only water but also stains a garment may be subjected to. With their tightly spun yarns and weaves, they also perform most admirably with regards to wrinkles, hence the "Traveler" moniker.

Being  one of the fastest growing wool catagories, "Traveler" is being featured in most upscale collections and selling very well; reason being the performance and luxurious soft hand of the cloth which is key in the consumer's eye. You can wear it today, hang it properly overnight and easily wear the next day. Of course, you'll want to wear it with a different shirt and tie which creates function with style.

Hickey Freeman continues featuring "Traveler" Rain System because the demand is high, the cloth takes to the hand and needle extremely well, and the finished product is no less then spectacular!

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And as always, remember to "Dress Passionately"!


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