Thank you for all of your help with my clothing. Because I'm 6'6'', I've always had trouble finding clothes that fit, but you've done a great job of taking care of that for me! Your sense of style, coupled with the products you so capably fit, has really enhanced my professional image.

Matthew P. Kaufler,

I must say, at first, I thought you might have been a bit over the top about the importance and effect a suit might have. But mine really added to the great day Karen and I had. It fit beautifully, and felt great. The feeling of a great suit is hard to explain. I've been fully converted, and will definitely consult with you again in the future. You really did an amazing job, and your hard work getting it done on time is really appreciated. Thank you... You're the man.

Frank R. LaMar,

It's been over 20 years that you've been making my clothing and the job you do is great. You manage to fit me better than anyone ever has and the clothes you make me are always stylish and fit to a tee into my lifestyle. Keep up the good work.

Arnold Klinsky,

Our relationship has been nothing short of outstanding and your attention to detail and client service is unsurpassed! I cannot believe the complements I get when wearing your suits, jackets, slacks and accessories. The styles you create instill confidence and exude competence. Thanks for everything.

Sam Berns,

You could not ask for better service than the kind you receive at Omeros. My wife can't get over how well I clean up, and I credit the tailored shirts and suits I got at Omeros. She even likes the collection of ties I have accumulated!

Matthew P. Moscati, AIA, LEED AP,

If Wally can make me look good, you know he's a miracle worker.

David R. Nachbar,

Want to tell you how satisfied I am with your work on my wardrobe and image. The fit and overall value have been everything I've expected and more. You work closely with me to make sure I'm satisfied, making yourself available with my busy schedule and going the extra mile in spite of me being in Pikeville, Kentucky. You consistently exceed my expectations by delivering to me great suits, shirts and ties that fit well and help me look my very best. You know I'm not easily pleased, but you've done that and I thank you for it. Keep up the good work.

Glenn M. Hammond,

I have been an Omeros customer for the last 22 years. I have enjoyed the finest in men's clothing from Wally & Matt. I have had a tuxedo, sport coats, suits and shirts made over the years, and you will not get better service, quality of materials and attention to detail that Wally and Matt give you. They are patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in referring my colleagues and friends to Omeros. They are simply the best!

Dr. Maximilian M. Chung,

I work in financial services where everyone wears a suit. Every Omeros piece that I own gets compliments, every time I wear it. My style is conservative, not flashy. The compliments I get are a testament to the exceptional fit and impeccable quality of the Omeros product. Matt has proven that not all blue suits look alike. Some look much, much better. Thank you!

Vince Pettograsso,